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Cheatsheet for AWS Tech U Associate Solutions Architect.

*This guide is created based on the author’s experience on applying, preparing and going through the AWS interview session for the Tech U Associate Solutions Architect position on 2019.


  1. The author was not offerred the position.
  2. This guide contains mostly things that can be found in the AWS interview sites itself with a little bit of flavor added by the author.

What is AWS Tech U Associate Solutions Architect?

As a Commercial Sales Associate Solutions Architect, you will be part of AWS Tech U, which is an accelerated career development program for those who want to advance both their technical and business skills. The Program will provide you with training and work experience that aligns in the fields of Solutions Architecture, Technical Training and Professional Service Consulting.

This unique program consists of a 6-month instructor lead, project-based learning curriculum ( followed by a 6-month On-the-Job Training (OJT) learning assignment within Solutions Architecture, Technical Training, or Professional Services Consulting, located in Singapore.

Yes, this is based on the job description which you can refer more from the link below:

Sounds interesting? Okay now proceed.

How to apply?

Generally there are a few ways that you can do to apply for the position:

  1. Apply it through
  2. Apply it through which eventually will redirect you to amazon jobs portal.
  3. Get someone to refer you for the position. Haaaaaa you must be asking like how right? I don’t know anyone in AWS. How can I get a referral?

I applied through method 1 and 3. But I think method 3 is how I was accepted for the interview. What you can do is try to connect with one of AWS staff in LinkedIn. Show to them that you’re passionate about cloud computing and you’re really interested in the position. Most of them is really friendly and will answer your questions as long as you have showed some effort on it.

Things that you need to know

AWS will usually have a few interview stages before you were accepted to be one of Amazonian. For this position, I had to go through two stages.

  1. Phone interview (Technical Interview)
  2. Onsite interview (Technical + Behavioral)

Phone interview (Technical Interview)

During this phase someone from AWS will call you for an online phone interview using Amazon Chime. The session will be around 1 hour and will be split between technical, behavioral and Q&A session. Yes it is splitted into three categories, but the main questions will be about your technical knowledge. The following are the few topics that will be covered for the interview session:

  1. Take some time to learn about Amazon, get to know our business teams, and “meet” a few Amazonians.
  2. Leadership Principles. There are 14 of them and you need to be able to relate it based on your experience in order to answer their behavioral questions.
  3. Networking fundamentals, Security, Databases (Relational and/or NoSQL), Operating Systems (Unix, Linux, and/or Windows)
  4. Systems administration (Linux/Window), network administration (DNS, IPsec, BGP, VPN, Load Balancing), or programming (Node.JS, Java, Ruby, C#, Python, or PHP)
  5. Databases: While we don’t expect any particular level of expertise with non-relational databases, you should be familiar with broad database concepts and their applications. The more you know about tradeoffs between relational and non-relational databases, the better prepared you will be.
  6. Networking: Brush up on how browsers function at a high level, from DNS lookups and TCP/IP, to socket connections. Having a solid understanding of the fundamentals of how the worldwide web works is a requirement.
  7. Operating System: You should be familiar with some OS topics that can affect code performance (e.g. memory management, processes, threads, synchronization, paging, and multithreading).
  8. Distributed computing: Understanding topics such as service-oriented architectures, map-reduce, distributed caching, load balancing, and others, will help you formulate answers to some of the more complicated distributed architecture questions you might encounter.

I know this list might be a little bit overwhelming but this is what AWS put in their phone interview guideline. My reccommendation is for you to prepare more on the technical side because that is the main purpose for this stage. Still interested? Okay, keep on reading

On-site-Interview (Technical + Behavioral)

Based on my experience, this will be your last round of interview. Wohooo! but don’t be happy just yet… because to be completely honest, AWS On-site-interview was the most difficult interview at least based on my experience. But hey I am not you and you’re not me! So you might be able to pull it off and make it to the end 💪 😄 Following are the general guideline from AWS:

What to expect

How to Prepare

My overall recommendation

“Time is your enemy, goreng will not work” -One of the AWS Staff said to me. After reading all of this I think you got the idea why I put that quote. What I meant here is that you need to be prepared as much as possible. If you’re planning to apply for this role I am reccommeding you to be prepared at least more than 1 month before the final interview. When you got the news that you passed your phone interview, straight away be prepared for your on-site-interview. If you’re lucky, your on-site-interview might be delayed a few times and you can prepare more for your big day.

So, after reading all this do you still wanted to apply for the position? If yes, than congratulations 🎊 . In my opinion, the interview should be hard because AWS is currently the market leader in Cloud Computing and they are the pioneer of it. So it’s make sense right? They also provide a lot of benefits for their staff which you can find below for increasing your motivation:

If you need more info you can always reach me at:

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